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Rideau de scène de Picasso - Musée des Abattoirs - Toulouse
Rideau de scène de Picasso - Musée des Abattoirs - Toulouse
Until August 2019!
As part of the Picasso-Mediterranean 2017-2019 programme, initiated by the Picasso Museum in Paris, Occitania has hosted many exhibitions devoted to the genius in 2018, and is continuing its tribute to Picasso until August 2019.

There are two big Picasso exhibitions in store, in Toulouse and Nîmes.


Picasso le politique ("Picasso the politician") at the Carré d’Art, until 24 February 2019

The Carré d'Art, a contemporary art museum in Nîmes, presents a "Political Picasso". This exhibition about the artist's political engagement focuses on works produced between 1937 and the early 1950s.
A second section will present contemporary artists from the Mediterranean basin, whose works echo conflicts and tensions in the world today.

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Picasso l’exilé (Picasso in exile) at the Les Abattoirs museum, from 15 March to 25 August 2019.

For the first time ever, an exhibition will be devoted to the relationship between Picasso and exile from Spain, following the Guernica show at the National Picasso Museum in Paris. This is obviously a topic of interest for Toulouse, a city that welcomed many refugees after the Spanish Civil War.
The exhibition at Les Abattoirs, a modern and contemporary art museum, is designed to evoke Picasso's tumultuous relationship with his country, from which he went into exile.

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