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Land of the black gold

The black truffle is a distinguished symbol of gastronomy in the South-West of France, and one of the highlights of French haute cuisine. Picking truffles is an age-old tradition in Occitania. Let's zoom in on 2 of the region's most important truffle sites, both of them listed as Sites Remarquables du Goût (a distinction awarded to places of outstanding food heritage), in Uzès and Le Gard.


In Pays d'Uzès, the star of the show is the Perigord truffle, the "Tuber Melanosporum", and the region comes to life with an event that celebrates this mushroom: the truffle weekend.

Period:  Truffle season in Pays d'Uzès is from December to March. Throughout the winter, there are markets, parties, tasting sessions and all kinds events going on.

Meet the expert: Rémy Avignon, farmer at Mas de Combes Saniolhac-Sagriès in the Gard region, for a visit of the truffle fields, demonstration of "cavage" (hunting for truffles), and tasting session at the farm.

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The Lalbenque truffle market in the Lot region, 20 mins from Cahors, is the historical bastion of the Quercy black truffle.

Period: Every Tuesday from December to March.

Meet the experts: Pierre-Jean and Elisabeth Pebeyre, 5th generation of Maison Pebeyre, founded in 1897 in Cahors.

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