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La Piste des Géants - Toulouse
La Piste des Géants - Toulouse
Opening of La Halle de la Machine.
November 2018: some impressive creatures from the La Machine company, directed by François Delarozière, are arriving in Toulouse!

Discover these monumental creations from 9 November 2018 at La Halle de la Machine, one of the 3 major attractions that make up La Piste des Géants.

The La Piste des Géants cultural site, whose name means "Giants' Runway", is part of the "Toulouse Aerospace" urban project being developed by the Toulouse Metropolitan Area in Montaudran, an important district in the history of aeronautics.

La Piste des Géants has been designed around a runway used by the civilian aviation pioneers of the 1920s. It includes 3 areas:

  • La Halle de la Machine (La Machine Hall), open since 9 November 2018, a contemporary building designed to contain the assortment of fantastical creations designed and made by François Delaroziere and the La Machine company, with a lively permanent exhibition. Visitors will be able to discover many stories and legends, brought to life by the spectacular machines on display in La Halle.
  • The L'envol des Pionniers (Pioneers' Take-off) area, created in the historic Aéropostale buildings (opening 22 December 2018). This area documents the adventure of the Aéropostale pioneers. Toulouse was the scene of this amazing human saga 100 years ago.
    Occitania's capital city was indeed the base of the Latécoère  and Aéropostale airlines, which will forever be associated with legendary men: Pierre-Georges Latécoère, Didier Daurat/Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jean Mermoz…
  • Les Jardins de la Ligne (Airline Gardens), open since June 2018, a landscaped trail evoking the exotic scenery that the Aéropostale pioneers flew over. Located alongside the old Aéropostale runway, these gardens recreate the atmospheres of the 3 continents that the aviators passed through, with 8 different landscapes and climates, from Toulouse to Valparaiso in Chile. There are also children's games and interactive exhibits to raise awareness and help visitors learn about the countries.

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