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Home of oyster therapy

In Marseillan, home of the Mediterranean oyster, the Domaine de Tarbouriech has invented the concept of oyster therapy, known as ostréathérapie®, which it offers along with luxurious accommodation and a 400 m2 spa.

The Domaine Tarbouriech, originally an oyster farm on the Thau lagoon in the Mediterranean, has developed the concept of ostréathérapie®, meaning "oyster therapy" and totally new in France. The latter is inspired by the use of oysters in China for their cosmetic and healing properties, dating back thousands of years.

As well as the great taste and nutritional benefits of the farm's oysters, there is also the "Tarbouriech rejuvenation experience" at the wellness centre which opened in October 2018. The focus is on unique treatments with active ingredients derived from oysters and their marine environment.

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